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About rats in the Northern Territory

Rats are deadly pests that transmit nearly a dozen diseases. What’s more is that they destroy your home or office’s insulation and chew up wires, thereby causing fires. They can also dig up the earth around your retaining walls and render the wall weak and unstable. The two types of rats that exist in Australia are the Brown Rat and the Black Rat. Black Rats are approximately 24 cm long. They are good climbers and like feasting on moist fruits. Brown Rats prefer living on the ground, although they can climb if they want to. They grow to a length of nearly 40 cm and they’re classified as omnivores. Female rats can produce as many as 2,000 young rats per year. So if you, unfortunately, have a male and a female rat in your living or commercial space, you’ll have an infestation to deal with.

Rats generally hide in dark areas, storage rooms, and cabinets. They’ll eat whatever food they can find and they’re good at gnawing on hard objects like plastic bottles or jars.

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