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About termites in the Northern Territory

Northern Australia is home to the most diverse termite species in the world. They’re often found building nests under the ground and within trees. Worker termites are the most commonly spotted in colonies in and around the Northern Territory. They’re pale in colour and only a few mm in length. The two other types of termites that are visible in colonies are soldier termites and reproductive termites. Reproductive termites have wings, brownish skin, and fully developed eyes. Soldier termites have large mandibles, and darker coloured heads. They protect the colony from predators like ants.

Termites feed on cellulose-based materials like wood. They’re a homeowner’s nightmare because they’re notorious for causing structural damage to houses. They can tear down both living and dead wood and they survive harsh and dry climatic conditions. Certain species can also thrive on wet rotting wood sources. These termites may be found in older homes that have sustained significant water damage. You may also find Drywood termite species higher areas of the home.

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