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We all enjoy Darwin's beautiful and warm tropical climate. Unfortunately, so do pests and insects that can invade your home. Even the most well looked after home can be invaded by cockroaches, ants, spiders, termites, ticks and fleas, or mosquitoes. Northern Rock Pest Control has the experience, tools and know-how to effectively, and safely, treat your home and protect your family from these unwanted visitors.

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Pests in your home are more than an inconvenience

No one likes walking into their beautifully clean kitchen and seeing a cockroach running across their bench. Apart from being an inconvenience, pests can pose a serious health risk to adults, children and pets. Uncontrolled infestations can even cause serious property damage. Using the latest pest management methods, you can rely on our years of experience carrying out pest control in Darwin to apply effective treatments that are family safe and provide long term results.

We're your local termite specialists

Temite can cause extensive damage in the Territory. Unmanaged, they can destroy structural timbers, damage cabinetry, flooring and even electrical wiring. Northern Rock are Darwin's Pest Control leaders in termite management, erradication & prevention. 

Have you found termites?

If you find termites at your property, do not disturb them. Contact us straight away to ensure they are properly managed.

Building a new home?

Ensure your new home is safe from termites by installing an effective termite mangement systems. We use state of the art termite systems like HomeGuard and TermX to protect Darwin homes.

Residential Pest Control Darwin

You're covered with Eflex

As an FMC Accredited Installer, a Darwin home treated by Northern Rock Pest Control and FMC termiticides is eligible for an Eflex Warranty or Homeguard Warranty. Northern Rock provides Darwin home owners with the peace of mind that their home is covered for subterranean termite related damages. Visit https://fmcaustralasia.com.au/warranties/ 

Your local pest control experts

We are a locally owned Territory Pest Control business, our customers choose Northern Rock Pest Control for our reputation as reliable, easy to deal with, and affordable pest control experts. 

When you need Pest Control in Darwin you want to know that your home is being protected by local experts who have the knowledge, training, and experience to do the job right. That's us.

Residential Pest Control Darwin

Why choose Northern Rock Pest Control

A local Territory business, we have the know-how, expertise, equipment and experience to inspect, identify and manage pests in your home.


Your safety is our first priority. For any pest service we carry out you'll be provided complete information on what will be used to treat your home. We also provide instruction on when to enter the property and steps to take to ensure your safety.


Communication is key. From quote to final job report, you'll always know what's going on. We also provide advice and practical tips on how to prevent re-infestation and keep your home pest free.


You'll always know when and where our professional team will need access to your property. We also strive to minimise disruptions to your day and carry out services when most convenient for you.

Environmentally responsible

We are an environmentally conscious business and strive to use environmentally friendly products and processes whenever possible.

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We make pest control simple

Easy, affordable and convenient pest management services

We work with you to make pest management as simple and convenient as possible.

Call us or request a quote online

Our expert team are standing by to help with your enquiry or booking. In most cases, a quote or estimate can be provider on the phone within minutes. Once your job is booked in, you'll receive all relevant information about treatment methods and safety instructions.

Your pest management service

We use the latest pest management methods to effectively treat your home. Once completed, we'll provide a full report of actions our technicians carried out as well as advice, tips and prevention methods that you can implement throughout your property.

We make payments simple

Payment for all home pest management services are to be made prior to, or immediately following, the completion of our service. To make it simple, we accept cash, EFT, and our technicians carry EFTPOS machines for card transactions.

Darwin pest control services

Protect your family and home from uninvited pests

Cockroaches, ants and spiders

This trio of pests are common in Darwin homes, and we provide effective pest management methods that are effective in Territory conditions. Prevention is the best policy when dealing with these creepy crawlies, and we'll provide advice and tips to help prevent their return.

Tick and flea

In addition to causing uncomfortable scratching and itching, ticks and fleas can transmit diseases that can be harmful to pets and children. We use family and pet-safe methods to treat tick and flea infestation in your home and garden.


Common throughout the Northern Territory, termites are destructive intruders. They can remain hidden for long periods of time, going unnoticed by home owners. Our team has the training and tools to detect these stealthy intruders, remove them, and protect your home from their return.


Hiding in gardens and dark places, chewing on ceiling electrics or causing a nuisance, vermin are unsightly pests. We can deploy effective bait and trap methods to safely remove these critters from your property.

Property vacate pest control

Fast and affordable pest control for Darwin renters. If your lease requires you to carry out pest control before moving out, we have the capacity to quickly and professionally carry out pest management services and provide a complete report and invoice for submission to your landlord or property manager.

Pre-purchase property pest inspections

We provide peace of mind to new home buyers by inspecting and accessing the property prior to purchasing. Our team will report on the condition of the property and identify potential pest risks. Northern Rock Pest Control are Darwin's termite specialists, and have the equipment to detect unseen termite infestations throughout a property.


Feedback from our customers

Had the Northern Rock guys over to help me with a few cockroaches, haven’t seen any since! They were super helpful and quick to organise, will absolutely use again. The owner explained the process very clearly, and I felt comfortable leaving my pest control in his and his team’s hands.

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