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Posted on 19 April, 2017 in Cockroach

Australian Cockroach

What Is That Critter?

For us Top End locals, cockroaches are a part of every day living in the tropics. We have big ugly ones, little ugly ones, and some in between ugly ones but unfortunate no cute ones. So what is this menagerie of cockroach species and how can you identify them. In this blog series 'cockroach identification' we are going to help you to identify types of cockroaches species, their preferred hangouts and tell tale signs of cockroach activity.

The Australian Cockroach

Australian Cockroach

The Australian Cockroach is a great athlete. Highly mobile and easily takes to the wing these fast little scavengers will disappear quickly when spotted. Their not one for the cold and are found in temperate to tropical climates. They are not considered a major pest cockroach species in The Top End preferring the  the outdoor life the Aussie cockroach can and will drop in for a quick drink and a bite to eat then he's off again to enjoy the great outdoors. Sounds a little like uncle Terry. 

Appearance - The Australian cockroach grows to between 25 - 35 mm in length, oval in shape and low to the ground. To identify, the brown overall body has two lateral yellow stripes along the top sides of its body with a yellow margin around the head. 

Harbourages - Due to its love of the outdoors the Australian Cockroach will be found in the garden under leaf litter, cracks in the pavement, in and around stored goods, under wood piles and the like. If found inside they are normally passing through and do not create to many issue to residential properties. 

Signs of Activity - This lovable rogue generally does not posse an issue in a domestic setting. Sighting of the critter is the best indication of its presents but be quick they will see you before you see them. 


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Australian Cockroach
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