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Posted on 15 May, 2017 in Cockroach

Cockroach Treatment Information

Cockroach Control Preparation & Treatment.

The most common pest issue issue faced by residence of the tropical north are cockroaches. The information outlined below is a quick guide to your preparation before treatment and a general overview of methods we can use to rid your house of cockroaches. 

Your Preparation

  • Ensure the place is tidy to allow for treatment access to all areas.
  • Remove all food stuffs from bench tops. Please do not remove kitchen appliances and items from bench tops that would normally be there. These are most probably where cockroaches are harbouring and will need to be treated.
  • PETS: Remove all pets from area to be treated. If you have a fish tank or reptile, turn of filter, if possible cover top with glad wrap and cover over with a heavy towel. Dogs, cats and birds are fine in external yard areas. Let our technician know if animals are onsite and we can advise the best arrangement to keep them safe. 
  • Turn off air-conditioning units and fans.
  • Put away children’s toys and feeding implements.
  • We do not recommend heavy cleaning for 72 hours after treatment. Ensure if you wish to mop, scrub, polish you do so before treatment. Heavy cleaning will wipe away residual treatments.
  • Cover bedding/cots of children less than 6 years with a sheet.
  • If any person has any known allergies, is asthmatic or is pregnant please let your pest control technician know before treatment.
  • Have everything you will need to take with you (i.e. keys, wallet). Once treatment has commenced we strongly recommend you do not return for 2 hours after treatment or until wet spray treatments have completely dried.

The Treatment

Palmerston Pest Control Pest Control uses a combination of treatments to resolve your pest issues. Some of the follow information may not be relevant to your pest control treatment or we may preform additional treatments not listed. This is a general overview of a typical treatment different measures may required to get on top of your cockroach issue. 

The pest control technician will ask you questions in relation to your pest issues. It is important to answer questions the best you can and give as much information as you can on your problem areas. We treat the entire structure to resolve your pest control concerns but a targeted approach to main problem areas is essential. 

  • For treatment of kitchens/bathrooms/laundries and alike flushing agents and gels will be used inside cupboards where food stuffs/utensils/personal items are stored. The Inside and outside of the cupboard doors will be wet sprayed with a residual chemical. When you return, you may find your cupboard doors standing open for drying purposes.
  • Wet spray residual chemicals will be applied throughout structure to skirting boards, cornice, under furniture, external of cupboard doors.
  • Flushing agents will be applied to cockroach harbourages such as under dining room settings, wall mounted pictures, under cabinetry, cracks and crevices in tiles/joinery/furniture.
  • Baits and/or gels can be applied to internal cupboard of especially in the wet areas i.e. kitchens and bathrooms. These internal cupboard areas will not be wet sprayed due. 

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Cockroach Treatment Information
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