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Posted on 19 April, 2017 in Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

What Is That Critter?

For us Top End locals, cockroaches are a part of every day living in the tropics. We have big ugly ones, little ugly ones, and some in between ugly ones but unfortunate no cute ones. So what is this menagerie of cockroach species and how can you identify them. In this blog series 'cockroach identification' we are going to help you to identify types of cockroaches species, their preferred hangouts and tell tale signs of cockroach activity.

The Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

The oriental cockroach is the lap dog of cockroaches tending to be a slower more calmer version of its flighty cousins. These guys are found in residential homes in Darwin but tend not to be as prolific as other species in a residential indoor environment, preferring damp and humid areas they can most often be found in compost bins and under leaf litter in your garden. This is not to say that if conditions are right they will not become quite comfortable sipping spilt coffee and eating a dropped Sao biscuit in your home.  

Appearance - Between 20 - 25 mm long the Oriental cockroach can range in colour from a middle brown to black dependant on habitat. Neither the male or female can fly, the female appearing wingless having non-functioning wings below the head and is broader bodied than its male counterparts. The male being longer with three quarter wings. 

Harbourages - The Oriental cockroach loves Darwin's warm humid climate. Preferring to hide in moist wet conditions they can be found under leaf litter, decaying matter, amongst rubbish piles, compost bins, damp areas in sheds and garages and other moist locations. In the home they can generally be found under cupboards and wet areas where moist damp conditions have occurred.

 Signs of Activity - Due to the orientals shy nature it is often hard to determine the presence and full extent of a oriental cockroach infestation until after a pest control treatment has been carried out and they have been flushed from there hiding places.  Visual sighting are normally the key to the presence of this reclusive critter. 


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